Final Stages

Editing the Clowes Hall exhibit is 90% complete. There are still a couple of little things that I am working … More


With the help of Satch, I’ve begun editing the Clowes Hall exhibit. There are a couple of different directions that … More


Finishing up making the photographs for the Clowes Hall exhibit this weekend – at least that is what is intended. … More

Equivalent 2008

Alfred Stielglitz’ Equivalents are alway a source of inspiration. They are generally recognized as the first photographs intended to free … More

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan has a multitude of personalities that can change from hour to hour and season to season. For the … More


Continuing on with the Clowes Hall exhibit, today I worked on two photos. There are two additional photos to process … More


Welcome to my new photography blog. Work is moving forward for the Clowes Hall exhibit June 1 through August 3, … More