Clowes Exhibit Printing – Close…

The painstaking process of dust removal from the digital files is nearly complete and printing of the exhibit should start tomorrow. I don’t want to post the entire Clowes exhibit online as I’d like there to be a surprise or two for those who come to see the finished framed prints. That being said today I’m posting one of the major images from the exhibit as a preview.

Today’s image was made in Nashville, Indiana. It is a multiple exposure of elements within a small area, including the sky. If I remember correctly, this is a combination of five or six exposures.

The Diana+ broke just minutes after the image was exposed. We were able to superglue it back together thanks to the help of a nice local lady. Since then it has broken again and has been agressively re-superglued. I’m hoping that the camera holds together as I really love the quality of image that comes from the plastic lens.

I hope to make a post about those that have influenced my photography in the next week, if time permits…

(click on photograph to enlarge)

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