Clowes Hall Grand Lobby Portfolio Book

I’ve just completed the finishing touches for the book containing all of the photographs from the Clowes Hall Grand Lobby Exhibit.

The first edition is a softback book printed on premium paper and is limited to 25 signed copies. Copies will be available for purchase at the gallery talk/reception on June 28, 2009 from 1 – 5 PM. Anybody that cannot make the gallery talk/reception and is interested in purchasing a copy can also contact me via email at

I’ve taken a little time off posting here as I’ve had some catching up to do. We took a quick trip to Michigan right after we finished hanging the exhibit at Clowes Hall. I really didn’t make many photographs as the time was more about R&R.

But, I did revisit a subject that I had photographed on our last trip. I liked the photograph that I posted here on May 6th, but wasn’t completely pleased with it. So I approached the subject in a different way with a different attitude.

This is a much more realized image and conveys more of what I was visualizing and feeling about the subject matter. It is a triple exposure made with the Holga. (I haven’t spent the time to fix the dust spots, so please bear with me.)

I will return soon and finish up, as promised, the post about my influences.


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