Singular Images – Opens October 2, 2009

(Click on card to enlarge)

Artist Statement

The photographs in the exhibit are singular images. They were made in reaction to a place (physical or mental), an environment, or an opportunity. They were not made as a part of a body of work.

Some images were made in a moment’s notice, even out of the car window. Some images were thought out as an expression of what I was feeling or thinking about. Some images were made when an opportunity presented itself to record a frozen instant of time. Some images were made when I wanted to look beyond the obvious characteristics and form of a subject.

The graffiti photographs were made several ago years on a beautiful sunny day at an abandoned water tank in rural New Mexico. While going through my archive, these images made an impression on my wife, Julie, and me. She felt that there was a concept waiting to be harvested. In the past, we have both made images of graffiti. Typically we use a smaller detail out of a larger scene for the subject. This same concept was applied to the two photographs of graffiti – the larger scene is broken down into smaller singular images.

The installation concept of the exhibit was created, designed and implemented by Julie Kern of Satch Art Studio.

The graffiti photographs were made with a 4”x5” Crown Graphic. All other photographs were made with a Diana+ or a Holga, both plastic cameras. The photographs are archivally printed on Museo Silver Rag paper.

Enormous thanks to Robert Lebow, M.D., Steve, Shannon, Greg, Michael and everybody at Midland for making this exhibit possible. Special thanks to Johnathan for placing exhibit postcards all over downtown Indianapolis.

Ron Kern

September 2009


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