Carmel Artist Satch featured in London Group Exhibition

I am thrilled that Satch was chosen to produce a work for this exhibit:

Opening with a private reception on December 3 Nolias Gallery in London England presents “Postcards from Dystopia,” an international exhibition of thirty artists presenting visions of a menacing universe with a collection of postcard sized works. This group exhibit is in conjunction with a showcase of larger paintings of ominous dystopian territories by Tutte Newall and Andrew Hladky. The exhibition runs through December 21.

In May Carmel artist Satch was selected to produce a work for the exhibit. Her work entitled, “Unknown Pleasure” depicts the long lost pleasure of conceiving and bearing a child into the world. Re-population has been replaced with a surgical procedure and all women eventually become barren. It is an assemblage including a vintage wood box, nails, assorted paper and a commercial hair trimming attachment.

Dystopia is a futuristic or imagined territory where a universal menace prevails. Our present culture holds a fascination with the concept of our own ordered civilization’s collapse into chaos. Curated by Tutte Newall, ‘Postcards from Dystopia” explores this idea by delving into the realms of the imaginary and issuing visions from a dystopian and desolate environment.

Located in Bankside at 60 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0BL, Nolias Gallery is just five minutes from Tate Modern.

For additional information contact Satch via email, and visit her website, where the work, “Unknown Pleasure” can be viewed.


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