Jim’s Ride

Here’s a new piece from a recent trip to Michigan.

I thought that I would update this post with some commentary regarding “Jim’s Ride.”
This photograph was made in Michigan during “Art Attack” weekend. At first glance this appears to be another photograph of an old vehicle. Upon closer inspection the vehicle’s fender’s appear to be out of scale, there is no break in the body for the hood, there are no sides and there is no windshield. Those familiar with old cars probably don’t recognize the make or the model.
All of this is because this is hardly a car. Rather it is a piece of art depicting the front of a car constructed by Jim Brandys of Three Oaks, Michigan. It is three dimensional, but greatly flattened out.
The light was perfect. Framing the photograph against the meadow and woods knowing the depth of field would render an impressionistic backdrop with no road in sight, along with the fact that, at first glance, this very real looking automobile is not at all real gives the scene a surrealistic appearance.
Satch and I had a chance to meet Jim and had a really nice talk. He is incredibly witty and with me being notoriously gullible, he got my goat more than once. He graciously invited us to his studio and we look forward to visiting his studio on our next trip.
As always, click on the image to enlarge.

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