IMA Andy Warhol Exhibit Opening Party, October 9, 2010


Daniel Axler and Maxwell Anderson

So, I’m a little late in posting some snapshots from the Warhol Opening…  The party was great!  It sure appeared that everybody was having an excellent time.  There were people of all ages, which was really cool.  The DJ played music from various artists that had Warhol connections,  which was cool as well.  Not everybody found the music to be all that fab.  On our way out Satch and I had a nice conversation with an older couple that had a different opinion.  I asked them what they thought of the music and the gentleman said, “I don’t call that music, I call that noise!”  So, the anti-rock and roll establishment lives on in Indianapolis. Somehow that is comforting especially now that I can hear David Bowie et al when shopping in the local Kroger grocery store.

Maxwell Anderson’s Shoes

The exhibit is pretty special.  It has a nice cross section of pieces through the length of Warhol’s career.  My favorite room is the last one with his screen print self portraits.  Yet again, IMA is to be commended for another top-notch special exhibition.  I strongly recommend that you get to it if you have not.  It is open until January 2, 2011.

The Party Floor
Party from the VIP Lounge
Empty Coke Bottle and Ealf-Eaten Cup Cake
Andy would be pleased with all of the stuff for sale

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