Exhibition in Dublin, Ireland

Here’s the press release:

Go to this link to download a pdf of the press release.

Carmel Photographerʼs New Work Featured in Dublin, Ireland Exhibition

Ron Kern of Carmel, Indiana is exhibiting three photographs in an international exhibition of Polaroid photography, “Instant Love,” at Mad Art Gallery in Dublin, Ireland.

The exhibition, which opens on January 14, is also complemented by a special edition of Prism Magazine, a bi-monthly on-line fine art photography magazine.

The show features over 20 artists from all over the world (Ireland, Australia, USA, Italy, Poland, UK, Czech Rep., Germany) using various instant photography methods. The show is also officially supported by The Impossible Project – the number one manufacturer of brand new instant film for Vintage Polaroid cameras. The show is curated and organized by prism Magazine editor – Karol Liver.

Currently Ron is also exhibiting 54 photographs at Midland Arts and Antiques Market in downtown Indianapolis as a part of the 2 Photographer Works In Progress project. This exhibit is a part of the Indianapolis Downtown Artists and Dealers Association Super Bowl TURF initiative and will be up through February 7, 2012. The three photographs that are in the Dublin exhibition are also at Midland Arts and Antiques Market.

Below is screen resolution copy of “Grain Elevator 1, Noblesville and Ron Kernʼs thoughts about his Polaroid photography.

For print resolution files and additional information please contact Ron at ronkernphoto@gmail.com or at 317.507.7888.


When photographing I feel and sense the spirit of what I am seeing. The “design” of the subject or scene becomes an integral part of the final composition. I examine and present nature’s and/or man’s mark, the combination of which is often society’s response to my subject. The resulting photograph shows the condition and existence of the subject within a context, literal or metaphorical.

For my Polaroid work I use a vintage Polaroid 420 camera. I make exposures onto Fuji instant color film. I recover a negative from the portion of the film that is typically thrown away. It is digitally scanned, converted to a monochrome image in Adobe Photoshop and printed with an archival inkjet printer.

Ron Kern January, 2012

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