Trailer for Herb and Dorothy 50×50 Documentary

Satch and I are incredibly happy to be supporting Megumi Sasaki’s great new documentary about what is arguably the greatest gift in history of contemporary art to the world. And it is a real kick for me to be in the trailer. I’ll have to wait and see if I make the final cut!

The evening that much of the museum footage in the trailer was filmed was incredibly special.  In December of 2008 Herb and Dorothy made their first gift of the 50×50 work to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  To a rapt audience the film, Herb and Dorothy was screened.  After a thunderous standing ovation Herb and Dorothy answered some questions and shortly thereafter the exhibit was opened.  Megumi and her cameraman briefly interviewed me about the exhibit.

IMA’s 50×50 collection is something special and the night that Herb and Dorothy came to town to open the exhibit is a night that I will not forget.

Here is a link to IMA’s Flckr account with some photographs from that evening.  There’s even a photograph showing the 50×50 movie being made.

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