Emergence 4

Here is our collaboration for the Mad Collab Show hosted by 3040 Indie.  For the exhibition the prints were mounted on an oxidized box.  Here they are depicted as if they were printed on one piece of paper.  Here’s a small gallery of snapshots from the show.  Click on the graphic to enlarge.

Emergence 4, 2012

Satch and Ron Kern

Archival Inkjet Print of a Photographed Vanished Drawing

This work is a series of prints that depict a woman’s progression of emergence from her most basic essence to the entirety of her being.  The final graphic depicts the side view of a woman’s torso and her breast.

The collaboration:

The idea for this work came from the desire to combine Satch’s art and Ron’s photography.  However, simply photographing something that was created and then assembled was not enough.

Satch decided upon conceiving and executing a painting on a medium where it would be temporary.  The painting would be allowed to fade into oblivion only with the assistance of natural forces.

Ron made photographs of this painting as it faded into nothingness.  Therefore, the only record of Satch’s work are the photographs, photographs of that which no longer exists.

The concept of emergence was arrived at when Satch and Ron realized that at the heart of what they were getting to was a metaphor for life’s existence.  Rather than showing life fading away, as the did the painting fade away, they chose to reverse the order and reveal the beauty of life’s emergence.

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