Sky, June 24, 2012

I’ve always been fascinated with the sky.  As a young man during summers in Kendallville my grandmother and I would look to the sky and its clouds to find many different forms and scenes.

Sometime around the first couple of years that the art of photography became a part of my life, at the National Gallery of Art, I viewed a series of Stieglitz’ Equivalents.  This opened a door into a great many things including the study of Stielgltitz, Equivalence, Minor White, etc.

During a trip to Santa Fe Satch and I visited the Scheinbaum and Russek  Gallery of photography.  Talking to David Scheinbaum about Stieglitz’ Equivalents led to him introducing me to Ralph Steiner’s work, especially his cloud photographs.  Again, more doors opened.

In 1991 David Michael Kennedy published “Cloudscapes of Northern New Mexico.”  Satch and I were spending as much time as we could in New Mexico.  The ever-changing sky always spoke to us.  David’s Cloudscapes knocked me out.  As with Stieglitz and Steiner, David’s poetic images, to me, became much more than photographs of clouds.

I look to the sky for inspiration.  Sure, maybe more than enough photographs of clouds have been made, but I will continue to pursue this subject.  In my mind, the sky always has something new to say.

Here are two recent Hipstamatic photographs of the sky over Indianapolis.  This incredible sky presented itself on a hot Summer Saturday afternoon.

When I was making the photographs I was a little bit in the way of a nice, patient woman who wanted to get into her car.  When I finished making the photograph, she asked me, “did you get your picture?”  I said yes and as she opened her car door I asked her if she had looked at the sky.  She said no, but then proceeded to look up and out.  She was quite surprised at what she witnessed.  And I think that she was surprised that something so beautiful was right in front of her if only she just took a moment to look.

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