Blues Artists Chris Ruest, Eric Przygocki and Eddie Kobek at SoHo in Carmel? (Updated after the gig)

UPDATE:  Wow.  What an excellent show.  Chris Ruest, Eric Przygocki and Eddie Kobek really brought it.  The variety of music played was fantastic.  I especially liked the rumbas!  For these three guys to have pulled this show off to the level that they did showed both the mastery of their craft and their art.

After they had finished their set, the folks that came to support these artists would not let them stop without an encore.  Immediately after the show all I saw in the room were big smiles.  I kept getting asked when “the band” was going to play again and when the next blues show would be at SoHo!

Yes, I do believe the coolest show in Carmel for 2012 was this gig at SoHo.

Here’s some photos from the show:

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Original Post:  This coming Wednesday evening three incredible blues artists are playing a small room in Carmel, Indiana.  How and why is this happening?

My good friend Eddie Kobek is a blues drummer extraordinaire.  He’s played and been on the road with many of the greats, including Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins and Louisiana Red, just to name a few.  After touring for a long, long time, a couple years ago he went off of the road.  Eddie’s love of the blues, the artists that make the music and playing is still very much in his being.  He is truly an artist.

Since he’s been off of the road many of his friends have asked when they could see (and hear) him play.  Well, this is their chance.  Late last week a long-time friend of Eddie’s, Eric Przygocki, traveled north from Austin to South Bend and Chicago to visit friends and family.  Currently Eric is playing bass for Chris Ruest, a blues/roots guitarist/singer/songwriter who is on the trip north as well.  Eric and Chris are playing a few gigs while traveling to help pay for expenses.  Since the trip back home to Austin includes a stop in St. Louis, Eddie thought that maybe they could make a quick stop for a gig in Indianapolis.

Eddie asked if I could find a small room where a show could take place.  SoHo Cafe & Gallery seemed like a logical place.  It’s a nice sized but intimate gallery where music performances often take place.  I approached the owner, Vivian Lawhead, told her the story and she gave it the green light.  Vivian has done a great job with SoHo.  She has a ton of events, both regular and special.  She has made SoHo an integral part of our community and an excellent gathering spot.

We were off and running, thanks to Vivian.  For the gig, we tied down Wednesday, November 7 at 7 p.m. for $7.  7-7-7; sounds like a jackpot to me!

I’ve already gone over Eddie’s history, but here’s a little about Eric and Chris.  Eric Przygocki plays both stand-up and electric bass.  He’s played with many blues’s greats.  These days he plays bass for  Anson Funderburgh’s Rockets and Chris Ruest.  Personal observation – if you are playing with Anson Funderburgh, you are one of the best, period.

Chris Ruest is considered to be one of today’s best Texas blues guitarists.  He’s recorded two albums and regularly gigs in Austin as well as hitting the road touring and playing festivals.

Wednesday is a chance to see three incredible blues musicians in a ridiculously intimate setting.  Yes, this is going to be a special evening in Carmel, Indiana at SoHo Cafe & Gallery.

Please spread the word about the show.  There’s more information about the gig and the artists on the Facebook event page and I’ll be tweeting about the gig.  I look forward to seeing you at the show!

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