Owen Thomas, “Languages. Or Get Dark and Find Yourself.”

If you like music, to take some time and check out Owen Thomas‘ lyric videos (three so far) for his new long player, “Languages.”

Owen’s former band The Elms called it quits in 2010 only one year after they released what is arguably their finest album, “The Great American Midrange.”

This is Owen’s first solo LP, and from what I can tell it came pretty much out of nowhere except straight from his heart. This is no calculated release. Owen and Thom Daugherty (former Elms member and long-time friend of Owen) recorded this on their own, and the musicianship and production are fantastic. These guys know their craft and their art.

The deluxe album’s packing, designed by Owen’s company Absorb, is sublime matching the content of the music. (Yes, this is a home grown effort. Owen himself is stuffing envelopes with the new CD and mailing them out.)

I’m pretty hooked on this record. It’s not often these days do I hear music that is genuinely heart-felt. Musically, thematically and artistically the LP holds up throughout the course of the album.

So, check it out. Maybe the music will appeal to you, maybe it will touch you.

Click here for the lyric films.

Owen Thomas Languages

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