Master Printmaker Gabor Peterdi at the Indianpolis Museum of Art

Exhibition Entrance, PeterdiThrough January 5, 2014, a selection of prints from the Indianpolis Museum of Art’s permanent collection by printmaker Gabor Peterdi are on exhibition in the Susan and Charles Golden Gallery on the second floor of the museum.

Satch and I visited this exhibition on May 5, 2013.  We truly enjoyed the prints that are very well executed and printed.  Peterdi is a master printmaker and uses the medium in a completely effective way to communicate his ideas and vision.  The collection covers most of Peterdi’s career.  Many of the prints were donated to the museum by our friend and colleague, Dr. Steven Conant.  Big and huge congratulations and thanks to Steve for providing the museum and the public with this wonderful work.  Satch and I both recommend taking in this exhibition.

The exhibition is well lit and is paced just right.  Fine smallish exhibitions in this space have been a real treat and rarely disappoint.  Kudos to IMA for utilizing this space so well.

Be sure to click on the links to access more information about the exhibition and Gabor Peterdi.

Panorma of exhibition and Satch viewing it
Panorma of exhibition and Satch viewing it

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