Spirit of Place: Northern New Mexico, eBook Now Available

UpdateSpirit of Place:  Northern New Mexico is now available in the iTunes bookstore at this link.

I am excited to announce that the eBook version of, Spirit of Place:  Northern New Mexico, is now available for purchase and download.

The book contains thirty four photographs from my archive that were made in the early/mid 1990s, plus one photograph from the late 1980s.  Every location and photograph has a written description describing their history and significance.  The book presents the work as a portfolio of photographs.

An artist statement and afterword is included that sheds light on my appreciation of Northern New Mexico and experiences making the photographs.

This is some of my finest work and I am delighted with how the eBook presents it. The quality of the photographs as shown on the iPad is remakable.

The price of the eBook is only $14.99 (20% of the purchase price goes to Blurb).  I sincerely appreciate your support and know that you will enjoy the eBook and come back to it time and time again to revisit the photographs of this magical place, Northern New Mexico.

Click on the book cover to access the eBook at Blurb.com.

Thank you.
Front Cover

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