David Lee Miller, an Homage

I have been thinking about David Lee Miller today.  David was a talented photographer and a good friend.

In her studio on the wall of inspiration, Satch has a beautiful print of David’s photograph that he made at Black Mesa on the San Ildefonso Pueblo in New Mexico.

David made a photograph in Turkey Run State Park that I always found haunting and poetic.  We photographed together in Turkey Run at least twice.  One trip I remember vividly, but choose to keep that memory to myself.

Shortly after David’s passing, I went back to Turkey Run and walked by the scene that he had captured so eloquently.  The light was beautiful.  The small tree that was growing out of the canyon’s rock floor that was the subject of David’s photograph was still standing strong, and reminded me of David.  I made this photograph as an homage to David.  David left us much too soon.

Here are two photographs that Satch made in 1993 of David photographing in Spring Mill State Park.


(click on the photographs to enlarge)


One comment

  1. joel butler

    I too can remember photographing with David at Turkey Run. Somewhere in I believe that same canyon you may recall an image David made which showed a particular rock diverting water in the stream.

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