National Gallery of Art, People Looking (mostly) at Art

During a trip to the Washington D.C. area for my niece’s and nephew’s high school graduation, Satch and I (thanks to Satch’s sister, Nancy) visited the National Gallery of Art.  We viewed, Light of the Past, Twenty-five Years of Photography at the National Gallery of Art, which was a groundbreaking exhibition of photography.  Work was on display that covered the entire history of photography.  It was enlightening and incredible to see such an all encompassing collection of high quality photography.

After taking the better part of three hours in the photography exhibition, I ventured into other galleries.  It is always breathtaking to see so much incredible art in one place.  That day, May 28, 2015, the galleries weren’t especially crowded.  I began to watch people looking at the artwork and other activities going on in the galleries, and felt that I should take a few photographs of the interesting scenes I was seeing.  Here is a small gallery of the photographs that I made that day:  (Click on the first photograph to open the gallery.)

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