A Collection of Photographs


A Collection of Photographs

Gleaned from a part of my collection that includes photographs from fellow photographers, colleagues, instructors and friends, and one “unknown,” as well as my own archive, this exhibition is an eclectic collection that runs the gamut from street photography to architecture to landscapes to portraiture and to darkroom multiple exposures.

While all of the artists in this exhibition are exceptional photographers, of special note are prints from Mike Bowman, Dale Bernstein and David Michael Kennedy.

Mike Bowman was a long time instructor at the Indianapolis Art Center.  He was trained by Ansel Adams and assisted Ansel in his workshops at Yosemite.

Dale Bernstein assisted and printed for Avedon, Karsh, Mapplethorpe and Penn.  He is a master photographer that has an exceptional sensibility for light.  While he has made photographs with many different camera and processes, currently he is using the antique wet plate collodion process from which he has made outstanding landscapes as well as an ongoing series of portraits.

David Michael Kennedy’s life in photography goes back to New York City in the 1970s, until 1986 when he left his commercial career behind and moved to New Mexico.  Currently his residence and studio is in El Rito, New Mexico.  David’s commercial career is incredible.  He has made many significant portraits of prominent people, including Bob Dylan, Isaac Stern, Muddy Waters and Bruce Springsteen.  He made many record album covers, his most well known being Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska.  David is a master of the platinum/palladium printing process and creates wonderful landscapes and portraits capturing the essence of his subject in a way that only he can.

All of the photographs are silver gelatin prints made in the darkroom by the photographers, with one exception of a 4”x5” Polaroid Type 52, which was made in the field.

Ron Kern
February 5, 2016

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