IMA Adds Brett Weston Prints to its Collection

In 2015, IMA added a selection Brett Weston Prints to its Collection.

From IMA’s press release:

•A selection of Brett Weston’s black and white landscape photographs, received as a gift from the Christian Keesee Collection of Oklahoma.

These are the first works by Brett Weston that the IMA has acquired, building on the existing collection of works by his equally famous father, Edward Weston.

The photographs span from 1943 to 1975 and highlight Weston’s cross country search for abstraction in nature, from the cityscapes of New York City to the natural beauty of Monterey, California.

I would post a link to the photographs, but the search function at IMA’s collection website does not yield any results for “Brett Weston.”  The photograph below, Rock and Kelp, Carmel Beach, California is taken from an individual web page on IMA’s collection website that presents the photograph and information regarding it.  When the search function yields results for “Brett Weston,” I will post that link here.  Click on the photograph below to go to web page at IMA’s collection site for this image.



  1. Greetings Ron,
    I would be most pleased to visit that collection with you one day! Do you suppose they will let us see them before a formal exhibition?
    With enthusiasm,

    1. Denis: I would suggest that you contact Marty Krause and see if you could set up a time where you and your students would visit IMA and view the prints. Be sure that you give Marty plenty of lead time.

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