The Johnny Burgin Trio – LIVE!

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Satch and I are bringing to Kewanna, Indiana, a town of 600 good folks, The Modern King of the West Side Chicago Blues guitar, Johnny Burgin!

We truly hope that you will support this fundraiser/concert.  This is a chance to be part of a grass roots effort to bring the arts into a rural area and to definitely make a difference by improving the community’s quality of life.  As you may know, rural areas have been left behind in today’s economy and took a huge hit during the financial crisis and The Great Recession.

We have gotten to know many of the good folks from Kewanna over the last several years as we worked on researching the life and art of Indiana’s greatest modern artist and Kewanna resident, James Spencer Russell.  And, our friend, nationally known artist, Diane Tesler, has made a life investment into the community by permanently relocating to Kewanna and preserving seven buildings including her home, two studios and The Heartery, a church from the 1800s that is being converted into a performance space.

There are business and individual sponsorships available to support The Heartery and a donation of any size is appreciated.  As a community outreach, we are making the tickets to the show available for only $5.00 per person to encourage everybody to come and enjoy world class blues as performed by the Johnny Burgin Trio.  It is an all ages concert and alcohol free event.

So, put together a short road trip to Kewanna to hear some really fine blues and to support the arts!  Thanks!

Click here for the Facebook event page – and, all of the details are shown below:
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