Johnny Burgin and Quique Gómez at Satch Art Space, June 2, 2017

First Friday at SATCH ART SPACE on June 2, 2017 was the place to be as two internationally famous blues artists performed a rare duo show.  The blues legend from Petaluma California, via Chicago, Johnny Burgin and Madrid, Spain’s Quique Gómez played to an appreciative audience that was blown away by the artistry of these two very special musicians.  To say that this was an up-close opportunity to appreciate and soak in world-class blues would be a huge understatement.  Johnny and Quique gave it their all over the course of two long sets.  Below, you can find a link to a field recording of their stellar first set, and some photographs from the show. The large painting behind Johnny and Quique was created by Satch for the event and is inspired by Johnny’s song, Love Me Like I Want It, from his long player, Greetings From Greaseland.

I could write a long diatribe here about my love of Johnny’s music, but in my introduction to the show, you can hear how I feel about Johnny and his music.

The question that we were asked several times over the course of the evening was this, “Why are these two guys playing here in this small space?”  Here’s the answer – Johnny Burgin is a good friend, and thanks to his generosity, he agreed to play this awesome duo show with Quique while coming through the area on his tour of the Midwest.  So, big and huge thanks to Johnny and Quique for such a sensational evening of the blues!  Also, thanks to Johnny for allowing me to share this very special recording.

Click on the photographs to enlarge.

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