Art Paul of Playboy, The Man Behind the Bunny at Heartland Film Festival

Satch, Suzanne and RonSatch and I were so excited to learn that, Art Paul of Playboy, The Man Behind the Bunny, was going to be screened at the Heartland Film Festival. What a excellent film! Obviously, it is a labor of love for film maker Jennifer Hou Kwong and Suzanne Seed. It wonderfully portrays Art’s incredible accomplishments, his life as an artist and a renaissance man along with his very special relationship with Suzanne. Big and huge congratulations to everyone involved in creating the film.

Lucky for us, Suzanne, Art’s wife and and an incomparable artist herself, came into Indianapolis for the screening that we attended.  It was fantastic to visit with Suzanne and discuss the film, and to catch up.

Satch and I have fond memories of visiting with Art and Suzanne in Chicago where Art treated us to a White Sox game, a team that Art loved and was a part owner.  And, Satch and Suzanne toured many of Chicago’s galleries.  At his home studio, Art showed us a selection of heads that he was working on in his studio.  The work was wonderful and inspiring.  Here is an example of Art’s work from the New York Times.

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