The Sound Cellar in Angola, IN is Closed

I just found out that one of my favorite places closed back in late 2017. The Sound Cellar was my oasis while at Tri State University (now Trine) back in 1976 – 1978. I bought a ton of records and learned about music from regularly hanging in the shop with the owner, Cliff, and other customers. We used to sell a lot of records at the Sound Cellar when we would play much more hip music on the college radio station, WEAX, than the town’s commercial station. When I last visited the shop in 2008, the WEAX business card I had stapled to a wooden post in 1977 was still there. And, I bought a Johnny Winter CD box set. 1976 to 2017 – that’s a pretty good run for a record shop! My first internet radio station was named “The Sound Cellar” in homage to the shop.  Click here for a news article about the closing.

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