CSN&Y – Déjà Vu

My second favorite long player is 50 years old today, March 11, 2020. This record has been with me for the entire journey, and always will be.

My grandmother, Edith (on my father’s side) bought this album for me, most likely from GC Murphy’s in Nora Plaza where she used to take me to record shop when she would come to visit. They had a really nice record section.

I played Deja Vu every chance I got on the big console hifi in the living room. Without fail, when my father would come home and the record was playing, it was the classic, “Take that sh!t off of the hifi.” I was only 12, so I was ahead of my time listening to this music, all thanks to my grandmother.

To this day, this album gets played regularly. Recently, I found an original West German pressing of the CD which sounds wonderful and is full of detail and dynamic range.

This is a French version of the Déjà Vu lp with a white cover.

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