Polaroid/Fuji Instant Photographs Online Exhibition

I am very happy to present this selected body of work that is derived from Fuji instant film, which no longer is manufactured.

I have always felt, that these photographs, while limited in scope and time, are some of my best. The photographs are inspired and very well seen within the limitations of the process used to produce them. Today, when I look at these photographs, I am still moved by and satisfied with the work.

Three of the photographs were chosen to be exhibited in an international exhibition of Polaroid photography in Dublin, Ireland. The exhibit opened in January, 2012. The exhibition was scheduled to run only a little over two weeks. But, it was so popular that the exhibition was extended through March. And a special issue of the international photography magazine, Prism, was produced that included all of the photographs in the show. It was wonderful, and humbling, to be a part of this important exhibition.

While recently revisiting this work, I was moved to again share it. In this time of an international pandemic, the safest way to accomplish this is by a virtual presentation. Enjoy the gallery of photographs.

Thank you for your time and interest. Sharing one’s art work, putting it out there, if you will, is the artist’s way of communicating what they see and how they see it with the rest of the world. I am pleased to share this work with you.

Following is my artist’s statement from the exhibition in Dublin, Ireland:

When photographing I feel and sense the spirit of what I am seeing.  The design of the subject or scene becomes an integral part of the final composition.  I examine and present nature’s and/or man’s mark, the combination of which is often society’s response to my subject.  The resulting photograph shows the condition and existence of the subject within a context, literal or metaphorical.

Click on the photograph to access the gallery and to view full size.


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