A Portfolio of Seven Photographs

Sunset Junque Shop, just north of South Haven, Michigan, is where I rediscovered photography. I had not taken a photograph for seven years when my mother was struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. In 2003, Julie and I were on a vacation in Michigan some time after my mother had passed away. I had bought along our first digital camera to take some snapshots here and there. I was so inspired by the landscape and settings at the Sunset Junque Shop that I went back to the car, got the camera and proceeded to visualize and take photographs for the first time in a long time. A switch turned on in my head and I began to again photograph, and have not stopped since.

Since that pivotal day I have photographed at Sunset Junque Shop many times. This is a portfolio of seven photographs that I made in 2017 during one of our trips to Michigan. To me, Sunset Junque Shop is sacred, a place where I rediscovered an important part of myself.

Click on the first photograph to open a gallery of the photographs. For mobile, a gallery should automatically show as a part of the post.

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