Revisiting Photographs from a Past Project

The following images come from what was to become my last “photographic project,” Truth from Perceptions in 2011.

Ten years down the road, I have decided to show a selection of photographs for this online exhibition from that project. Curating this exhibition, I simply chose the photographs that I like the most. To be frank, I think the body of work that I made for this project is damn good, maybe even the best body of work I had ever produced.

If you search through my website, you can find the original project and exhibition that these photographs came from, and delve into that, if you desire. In this exhibit, I am letting the photographs speak for themselves and simply showing them without titles and descriptions. I am only sharing the locations where the photographs were made.

The photographs were made on film using a Leica SL2 with a 35mm lens.

Thank you. Enjoy the exhibition.

Ron Kern
August 14, 2021

Click on the first photograph to start a slideshow.

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