Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

These photographs and notes are circa late 1980’s. During a long trip to New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona, Julie and I put a lot, I mean a lot, of miles on our Grand Am rental. We were fortunate that the Grand Am had front wheel drive as we needed it more than once on our trek.

This photograph of White House Ruin was made when we reached the bottom of the canyon after hiking down from the rim. The canyon wall photograph was made when we were on a tour of the canyon in a jeep, which was an excellent experience.

When these images were made, I was just getting seriously started in photography, probably making photographs for only about three or four years. To this day, the canyon wall photograph still has a special place in my heart. It was one of the two photographs from this era that resulted in a good print from my visualization.

Click on the photographs to enter a gallery to see the photographs in higher resolution.

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