A Little Exhibition of Small Photographs

This exhibition was held at SATCH LOST AND FOUND ART STUDIO/GALLERY in the Circle City Industrial Complex in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 7 through September 4, 2015.

Thoughts on the Exhibition

Over three years ago, I “retired” from photography. Since then, I have exclusively photographed for myself, with no thoughts of a particular project or exhibition. I have stayed loyal to my art, but with a different perspective that is strictly personal.
With no intention of ever showing this work, except possibly in a casual way with friends, the idea of exhibiting this work did not sit well with me. However, the unique ability to exhibit this work in a friendly environment, with no pressure, thanks to Satch and her studio/gallery, was an opportunity that I decided should be embraced.

The suite of eleven photographs in this exhibition is a small sample of my recent photography. It is assembled in such a way that each photograph is a part of a body of work that is comprised only of my reactions to my day to day life and environment.

Artist Statement

I aspire to discover and reveal the spiritual essence and truth of my environment. For me, photography is a vital element of life; it is esoteric and abstract, yet temporal and existent.

Anything at any time can be subject matter. Often I make images as a reaction to the environment in which I find myself or to something that I observe by looking beyond the obvious characteristics and form of a subject, either instantly or over a period of time.

When photographing I feel and sense the spirit of what I am seeing. The “design” of the subject or scene becomes an integral part of the final composition. I examine and present natureʼs and/or manʼs mark, the combination of which is often societyʼs response to my subject. The resulting photograph shows the condition and existence of the subject within a context, literal or metaphorical.
I photograph within the environment in which I find myself. I do not find it necessary to travel to a specific locale to make photographs that present something exotic, unfamiliar or detached from my day to day existence. Rather I delve into my surroundings within the realm of where I live my life.

Ron Kern, July, 2015

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