New Work by Ron Kern

I have had the notion to explore beyond conventional seeing with regard to photography. Photography, by its simplest definition, is recording the reflection of light. Therefore, I decided to break down photographs that I was seeing into the simplest elements – emanations of light, the darkness of shadows and the subtleties and texture of grays. This process releases me from conventional photography and allows me to present an elemental alternate reality of my visualization.

Out of this, came the idea of sketching objects and scenes into their basic form and extracting their elements, in an abstract way. After making many sketches, I decided to employ the use of the computer to complete this idea. The computer offered me a precision that hand drawing did not. This precision allowed me to take these vague elements and create something exact, yet variable, that presented the ideas in a finite form. These works completed the cycle of breaking down photographic visualizations and then reforming their elements into finished works.

The prints in this exhibition are small by design. The size of the prints invites the viewer to approach the work and examine it in detail.

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