Finch & Gage, Grandview, Spencer County, 1995

Finch & Gage, Grandview
Spencer County, 1995

Grandview is a small town along the Ohio River in south central Spencer County. A big store, Finch and Gage formerly occupied the large building which, in 1995, had the local Masonic Lodge upstairs, the post office and an abandoned business downstairs. The Discount Liquor Store is separated from the Masonic Lodge by an abandoned storefront, that appears to be completely original. Even though it was open, the liquor store was up for sale. The pennants strung on the front and side of the liquor store must have been a sort of attention getting marketing tool. The contrast of the old painted sign on the side of the building with the 7up and Party Ice machines is interesting. And, as in many of these small communities, the stars and stripes still fly, albeit outside of a federal government post office.