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I’ve been critical of iPhone photography (“iPhoneography?”) in the past.  The over-doing of treatments by use of various apps in attempt to mask that fact that a particular photograph is mediocre really gets under my skin.  That being said, this is an iPhone Hipstamatic photograph.  Since “retiring” from photography, thanks to Satch, I’ve acquired an iPhone. This tool has definitely given me freedom to photograph whenever and wherever I find myself, which is what I do.

Experimenting with the camera has been enjoyable.  I’ve got a couple of apps that I use – 645 Pro for “normal” photography and Hipstamatic for my “abnormal(?)” photography.

I took to the Hipstamatic almost immediately.  For me there is a sort of nexus between the Hipstamatic and the Holga.  I’ve given the Hipstamatic the challenge of some incredibly difficult lighting situations and more times than not it comes through.  My seeing directly integrates with the Hipstamatic.

All of the Carmel grain elevator photographs in the iPhone galleries were made using the Hipstamatic app.

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