Singular Studies from Satch’s Studio

Satch Art Space No Outline

An Exhibition for the Grand Opening of Satch Art Space
Ron Kern, March 2017

For years I have looked into Satch’s studio with wonderment with both admiration and respect for the items she accumulates, the art that she has collected and, of course, her exceptional work.

From time to time, I make photographs of various different aspects of Satch’s ever-changing studio.  I am always inspired and filled with curiosity when I begin to photograph in her studio.  The photographs that I have made, up to this point, have been of found still lifes that Satch has either purposely put together or objects that simply ended up together by chance.

One such photograph is shown here:
But, for this exhibition, I decided to isolate or consciously combine items found in Satch’s studio and present them with a blank background.  Satch’s assistance in combining items and staging was paramount in the success of the photographs.  Her sense of wit and ability to see past the obvious made for a unique and unconventional series of photographs.

These photographs are different than anything that I have ever done before.  Satch’s art pushed me into a place of discomfort that yielded photographs that I am exceptionally happy with.

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